Can I bring my own floatation devices?
We ask you to please refrain from bringing your own floats. Alternatively, we have our own arm floats and kickboards which we can prepare in advance for you at the pool.
Are the fitness, pool, and Japanese bath facilities only available only for staying guests?
Only staying guests and our fitness club members can use our facilities.
Can I request rental items after hours?
Yes, it is possible to do so. For assistance at night, please contact instant service.
Are there any age limits for using our the facilities?
Yes there are some limitations: For the gym, guests who are 16 years-old guests and above may use the facilities. For both the pool and Japanese bathhouse, guests who are under 16 years-old need to be accompanied by a guardian in order to use the facilities. Additionally, the operation hours of the Japanese bathhouse for guests under 16 years-old is limited to 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..